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Is a Roto-Mold Spa right for me?

In your search for an affordable spa, you may have stumbled the term “roto-mold spa.” Short for “rotational molding,” a roto-mold spa is a label given to a class of hot tubs identified by its manufacturing process. The process for roto-molding results in a look where shell and skirt appear as one monolithic unit. These hot tubs are also classed as entry-level, first-time-buyer, and inexpensive hot tubs compared to other types. There are some good brands in this space to consider when shopping. They include Freeflow, Fantasy, Dreammaker, Margaritaville, and Artic spas. There are probably a few more but these are the most popular players in this category. At SpaExpo, we exclusively supply Freeflow Spas.


When shopping for an affordable spa, you may be thrown off by terms like entry-level and first-time-buyer. In your search, you may find some seemingly negative aspects of roto-mold spas, such as:

  • Lack of color options
  • Non-traditional hot tub look
  • Typically fewer jets
  • Less jet variation
  • Single-source lighting
  • Few options like music and water care


However, the more you search, you’ll discover some surprising positives to roto-mold spas, as well. For a great price, you’ll find that they:

  • Are very reliable
  • Have a simple operation
  • Plug-and-Play at 110v 15amp (can be upgraded to 220v)
  • Offer 2 Person to 7 Person models
  • Are energy-efficient – fully insulated
  • Offer brands that have upgrade skirt options
  • Have built-in ice buckets for drinks

Keep in mind, these are not ‘full-featured’ hot tubs in order to keep the price down. But, you won’t sacrifice durability or quality of ownership as these models are virtually indestructible. When searching for the best hot tub for yourself, you may find a roto-mold spa is just what the doctor ordered!

If you think a roto-mold spa is right for you, check out our selection of Freeflow Spas at SpaExpo in Austin. You can also schedule a test soak to experience the Freeflow Spa difference yourself.

Here are some other great resources to help in your planning:

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