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Is a Saltwater Hot Tub for You?

You’ve decided you want a hot tub! You’ve been hearing about the trend of saltwater hot tubs and want to know — what’s the difference between saltwater spas and traditional systems? Saltwater tubs have tremendous benefits; however, there are a few points that may not be as attractive to some buyers.

Why Many People Choose Saltwater Spas

Some of the most common reasons buyers choose saltwater hot tubs include:

  • After the initial cost of setup, saltwater is typically less expensive to maintain than a traditional hot tub.
  • Salt increases water softness, which means softer skin after a soak, as well as less irritated eyes and softer hair.
  • No more chlorine smell on your skin, hair and bathing suit, since the natural chlorine does not produce a smell.
  • Saltwater is gentle on the skin and eyes.
  • Saltwater is preferable for those who have allergic reactions to strong chemicals.
  • Saltwater spas are resistant to drastic water chemistry fluctuations. The minerals in the salt help withstand changes in alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness.

A Few Considerations Before Choosing a Saltwater Spa

Although saltwater hot tubs are a really good alternative, you should know they are not perfect. A few things to consider when deciding between a traditional hot tub and a saltwater spa:

  • The initial cost is higher. The salt system can range from $500 to $5,000.
  • The salt component replacements add to maintenance costs. This is in addition to normal hot tub maintenance costs.
  • Temperature must be maintained. Temperature below 60° Fahrenheit will cause the system to function poorly or shut down.

There is no right or wrong answer — it’s your choice! Saltwater hot tubs offer gentle relaxation, improved circulation and softer skin, and are more environmentally-friendly because they typically use less water. If the choice is clear in a saltwater system, check out the new FreshWaterTM salt system available on all Highlife® and Limelight® collections spas from HotSpring®.

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