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Is a Saltwater Hot Tub Right for You?

So, you’ve decided to buy a hot tub. That’s awesome! You’re about to enjoy nearly-endless health benefits, supreme relaxation, and have the perfect entertainment spot right outside your door. But before you can bring home the perfect spa, you also need to choose a water system. Is a saltwater hot tub right for you? 

What is a Saltwater Hot Tub?

Every hot tub has a system for keeping the water clean. Whether it’s chlorine or salt, it’s important to understand the system you choose, because it’s an ongoing process needed for the health of your spa. A saltwater hot tub allows you to add salt instead of chemicals, which, when dissolved, creates natural chlorine. 

Experience Better Buoyancy

Have you ever noticed it’s easier to float in the ocean than in a swimming pool? While a saltwater hot tub doesn’t contain nearly as much salt as the ocean, the same principle applies. This is because the water is denser, allowing you to float better. Why does this matter in a spa? More buoyancy equals less pressure on joints and muscles and provides a more soothing spa experience.

It’s Perfect for the Super Sensitive

Are your eyes and skin susceptible to irritation when you use a chlorine spa or pool? You’ll love a saltwater spa! The water, and chlorine smell, is softer and more gentle for sensitive soakers because the chlorine is naturally produced.

Maintenance Has Never Been So Easy

All hot tubs require maintenance, both regular and seasonal. The good news is that with your FreshWater® Salt System, you’ll change the cartridge about 3 times a year instead of adding chlorine every week. You can also go up to a full year before needing to drain and refill your spa, instead of every 3 to 4 months. 

Is a saltwater hot tub what you’ve been looking for? The FreshWater Salt System is available on all new Limelight® and Highlife® collection hot tubs by Hot Spring Spas®. Come on down to SpaExpo! to learn more and check out our showroom, or browse our online options today!

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