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Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

It’s nearing the end of the summer, and you’ve realized that your kids aren’t quite the best swimmers. So, it’s time to start thinking about swimming lessons. But again, the public pool will be closing for the season soon. What are your other options? Try having kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa.

Why a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is great for kid-friendly swimming lessons. This is because it can be easily adjusted for all levels of swimmers.

New swimmers and children uncomfortable with the water aren’t going to want to get in a cool pool. They’re already nervous, and the uncomfortable (at first) temperature of the pool isn’t going to be welcoming for them. In fact, it may make them even more resistant to getting in the water. However, a swim spa has heated water that can be adjusted to the child’s liking. Comfort is of utmost importance when getting a child used to the water, and a swim spa provides that.

In addition, the swim spa isn’t as intimidating as a pool. It’s smaller, shallower, and overall less scary at first than a swimming pool. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ripples from people jumping or playing in the water. Instead, you get to control the water in your swim spa. Start brand new swimmers in calm water. Then, as they get better, turn on the jets. This will help them become a better swimmer and get used to different types of water.

Teaching Swim Lessons

While getting in the water is intimidating for the kids, actually teaching swim lessons can be intimidating for the parents. But, you have options. First, there are some private swim instructors who can come to your home instead of teaching at a public pool. They can teach some kid-friendly swim lessons in the comfort of a swim spa for your children. 

And if you’re wanting to teach your kids yourself, it’s pretty easy! Start by getting them used to the water. Around age 4, you can start actually teaching swim techniques like blowing bubbles, holding your breath, floating on your back, and kicking. Then, you can try kicking with a boogie board. Once they get comfortable enough, add the arms. Before you know it, they’ll be swimming on their own! 

The true key to teaching swim lessons isn’t being the best teacher. It’s meeting your child where they are. Don’t rush them just because you think they should be learning more quickly. All children learn differently, and, especially when it comes to swimming, patience is important. Practicing in a swim spa can help your kids swim well and swim safely.

Have fun! Swimming is so much easier for kids to learn when it is fun. Play games like “How fast can you swim to the other side of the swim spa?” It’s simple, but effective.

If you want to teach kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa, but don’t have a swim spa, come on over to SpaExpo. We’ll help you pick out the perfect swim spa for you and your kids.

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