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Looking to take Date Night to a New Level? Consider a Hot Tub

Keep things fresh in the romance department and add a little flair to your typical date nights with your very own personal hot tub. No more babysitters canceling last minute or arguing where to eat. Create an intimate experience right at home where you and your partner can connect any night of the week. 

Drop a Hint

Stick a post-it note on their steering wheel inviting them to an extra special evening. They will look forward to your surprise all day, making those morning meetings and other mundane work a bit more exciting. Try writing a love note on the steamy bathroom mirror for them to find as they get out of the shower, or go the extra mile and have flowers or a card delivered to them, every romantic’s dream. 

Plan the Evening or let it Surprise You

If you and your partner enjoy doing things together, you can set up a movie night in your hot tub. Pull out the old projector and select a romantic classic or any favorite film the two of you enjoy. Try some word games like 20 Questions, or Trivia. Rather just relax? That’s what is so great about hot tub dates, you don’t have to do anything at all. Just sitting together in the presence of your special someone is more than enough. There are no rules in hot tub dating. 

Explore the Senses

Add some scented candles for an aroma experience they’ll be sure to remember for weeks to come and choose some light, relaxing music for a touch of ambiance. Strawberries and whipped cream or other finger foods can easily be enjoyed without messes but are sure to up the sensuality. 


Looking to add a hot tub or other spa equipment to your special evenings? Stop by our showroom or contact us today. We’re excited to help you bring that “bubbly” feeling to your next date night. 

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