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Minimize Hot Tub Maintenance with Technology

The thought of spending an evening soaking in your hot tub probably brings a smile to your face. That smile might disappear, though, when you remember that it’s time to do some maintenance on your hot tub. What a chore, and what a bore! Isn’t there an easier way? Well, yes. You’d be surprised that, with the aid of technology, maintaining a hot tub is a lot less work than it used to be, and it gets easier every year. If you’re looking for a smarter way to care for your hot tub, here’s how to minimize hot tub maintenance with technology.


Energy-efficient technology has really changed hot tub necessary maintenance over the years. How? Simple: the more energy-efficient your hot tub is, the less maintenance it needs! Fewer filter changes, fewer chemicals needed, fewer drains and refills, fewer parts to be replaced, the list goes on. High-quality hot tubs these days are designed to go further on less. So if you’re looking for a hot tub that’s low maintenance, look for one that’s super energy efficient.

Also, here’s a couple of tips to make your hot tub even more energy-efficient:

  • Keep it covered when not in use. A hot tub cover provides insulation and prevents evaporation, which means you don’t have to run the heater continuously. That way, your spa water stays warmer for more extended periods.
  • Turn the temperature down. Especially now that’s it’s summer in Texas, your hot tub doesn’t need to be, well, hot. Not only will this give it a bit of a breather, but it can also prevent your hot tub from overheating. This will definitely ensure its longevity.

How-To Videos

Although hot tub manuals are always a good resource to turn to with maintenance questions, sometimes locating the information you need is time-consuming. How-to videos save you a lot of time and provide helpful visuals to guide you through hot tub maintenance. If you are ever confused while maintaining your hot tub, we have plenty of how-to videos to refer to as needed and other resources.

Spa Water Care

One of the most innovative technologies for hot tub maintenance is the FreshWater® Salt System. Made exclusively for Highlife® and Limelight® Collection Hot Spring® spas, this revolutionary water care technology keeps your spa clean for up to a full year. It generates chlorine automatically with only a small amount of salt, which means you spend less time mixing and adding chemicals to your spa. All you need to do is change the cartridge three times a year. That’s it! Plus, because the FreshWater® Salt System uses fewer chemicals, it’s gentler on sensitive skin. So say good-bye to dry skin and itchy eyes after a hot tub soak!

If this is still too much hot tub maintenance for your taste, even with the advent of all this technology, no worries. We provide excellent service and support here at SpaExpo. From tune-ups and repairs to an auto-ship program that delivers spa chemicals right to your front door, we’ll help you maintain your hot tub in tip-top shape. Contact us if you need any assistance or stop by our showroom in Austin.

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