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My Hot Tub Needs Repairs. Help!

Hot tubs are generally quite low maintenance. As long as you are checking your chemical levels and cleaning the filter regularly, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. That doesn’t mean issues can’t come up though. If your hot tub needs repair, it’s important to take care of it immediately before it progresses.

Some hot tub issues are relatively simple fixes, while others require a more in-depth understanding of your hot tub. 

Common Hot Tub Issues That Require Repairs

To help you be aware of what you to look for, we’ve outlined some of the top hot tub problems.

Water is Cold

While climbing into a cold tub of water in the middle of the summer may be refreshing, it’s not the reason you got a hot tub in the first place. If your hot tub is not warming up your water, it may be an issue with the heater or with the breakers. Low pH levels can corrode your heating elements and cause further problems. If your heater is fine, then try flipping your breaker off and back on and then test your heater again.

Jets Don’t Work

If you notice that the jets are not working, you may have a buildup of dirt or calcium in your lines. Opening the access panel and airlock valve may allow for better water flow. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try cleaning the filters and water intake. Doing so can allow the jets to start up again.

Dirty and Cloudy Water

Your water may become cloudy or dirty if your hot tub is being used frequently and the chemicals are not balanced correctly. To avoid an expensive hot tub repair, ensure that you are testing your water frequently and balancing the levels properly. Use a test kit or strips to find out where your levels are at, and then add the necessary chemicals to restore balance.

Leaking Water

Water leakage can often mean some kind of crack or hole in your hot tub’s seal. Unbalanced pH levels can actually break down your seal and cause these cracks. If you notice some leakage, contact us immediately before the problem gets worse.

Error Messages on Control Panel

One of the most obvious signs that your hot tub is in need of repair is when your control panel tells you so. There are different error messages that your panel can display. It’s not important to memorize each one, as you can simply look up the code to figure out what’s wrong. If you are unsure of the code or problem, call our service line to get more help.

Turn to the Professionals

Some hot tub repairs are fairly simple, while others require extensive work and time to fix. It’s crucial that you don’t mess around with things that you are unfamiliar with. That’s why most people, when dealing with these issues, turn to us. 

At Spa Expo, we have expert service and support to help you with anything you may need. Whether you need a full hot tub repair or are simply looking for an answer to a question, feel free to reach out. To find your dream hot tub, navigate over to our hot tub page to discover your options.


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