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Natural Pain Relief with a Sauna

Pain can be difficult to deal with. Whether it’s chronic pain, pain from an injury, or just being sore after a workout, it is just not fun. Many of the remedies offered include pain killers and NSAIDs, which are not great to take long term. So what are your other options? Well, you can find natural pain relief with a sauna.

How Does Heat Relieve Pain?

When you have sore muscles or chronic pain, it’s often recommended to apply heat. For about 10-20 minutes, you’ll use a heating pad or maybe a warm water bottle to help relieve the pain. And more times than not, this will help relieve your pain.

Why does this work? The heat increases your blood circulation. This blood flows to your nerves, and your nerves are stimulated with a feeling other than pain. In addition, this helps relax your muscles and reduce inflammation, providing additional relief after your sauna session is over.

Where Does a Sauna Come In?

The issue with heat packs, though, is they can only target a small area of your body at one time. If you have a chronic pain condition, like fibromyalgia, that’s not going to do much for your pain. It’ll help that one area, but not the rest of your body. You’ll have to move the heat pack to another area of your body, and no one has the time to sit around so every part of your body can use the heat pack.

With a sauna, your entire body is targeted at once, so you don’t have to wait to move that heat pack from your back to your leg. Sauna heat is also said to penetrate deeper than other types of heat, so you may even get more relief than from a heat pack.

What if I Don’t Have Chronic Pain?

If you don’t have chronic pain, you may think that a heat pack will just do the job and you don’t need a sauna. But, a sauna can still provide relief a heat pack just can’t.

Whether you’re an athlete or just work out, you can still get natural pain relief with a sauna. Before or after a workout, use your sauna to loosen your muscles. Loosening your muscles before exercise will help prevent injuries that cause pain in the first place. And after a workout, the sauna will help relax your sore muscles.

The benefits don’t stop pre- and post-workout, though. Have you ever been prescribed heat to help heal an injury? Heat can help your body heal faster, and since heat from a sauna penetrates more deeply, it’s a great natural pain reliever for injuries, too.

Get an In-Home Sauna Today

If you’re looking for natural pain relief with a sauna, you’ll probably want to spend time in the sauna at least once a day. The easiest way to do this is to have a sauna in your home. Head on over to SpaExpo in Austin, and we’ll help you design a custom-cut Finnleo® sauna to fit perfectly in your space. You’ll discover a wonderful array of benefits as you use your sauna each day.

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