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Owning a Hot Tub May Decrease Your Water Usage

Owning a Hot Tub May Decrease Your Water Usage

We all want to be more energy conscious and save money wherever we can, especially when it comes to our utility bills.  Surprisingly, using your hot tub regularly you may actually save on your water bill and waste less of that H2O. Look at you go, being all green and stuff. Way to go!

How in the World is this Possible?

Yes it’s true that hot tubs need a lot of water to fill up, approximately 400 gallons depending on the size of your spa. And the average household uses 400 gallons a day just by normal chores like washing dishes, flushing toilets, and running laundry. 

Most people enjoy the therapeutic benefits of soaking in hot water while they enjoy their baths, but if you replace those long soaks in the bathtub or shower using running water with the hydrotherapy you receive in a hot tub that only replaces the water every 4 months you may end up lowering your water usage. 

This is not to say skip your time with the soap, only that by spending less time using running water and more time soaking in water you already have can help you save. 

Can I Make My Hot Tub More Energy Efficient?

Yes! There are actually several simple ways you can create an even more energy efficient spa, such as:

  • Invest in a good quality cover to prevent water evaporation and water contamination.
  • Adjust your hot tub’s temperature to 102 degrees Fahrenheit when not in use.
  • Clean your filters every month for more efficient water circulation.

SpaExpo has everything you need to maintain a healthy and efficient spa. Contact us today and save more water by relaxing in your hot tub.



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