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Recycling Gone Mad! Water Your Plants Using Spa Water

We sometimes take water for granted, but in the summer months, we’re quickly reminded what a precious resource it is. Especially if we’re experiencing a drought. There are several things you can do to conserve water, even when it comes to your hot tub. The next time you have to drain and refill your hot tub, water your plants using spa water and take recycling to the next level. 

Which Plants Can I Water?

Most non-edible plants do well with using spa water in place of regular hose water. Try it with some of these:

  • Plants and herbs – Aloe, Deer Grass, Rosemary
  • Flowers – Oleander, Marigold, Ice Blue Star Plant
  • Shrubs – Texas Ranger, Evergreen Euonymus, Juniper
  • Trees – Olive

There are a few exceptions. Fruits, vegetables, and rose bushes don’t do well with recycled hot tub water. You should always try a tester plant to make sure it tolerates spa water.    

Are Spa Chemicals Safe for Plants?

While you don’t want to water your plants with freshly chlorinated hot tub water, once the chemical levels dissipate, you’re good to go. Just check your chemical levels before filling up that watering can.

Chlorine – Thankfully chlorine dissipates quickly. Once you know you’re ready to drain your spa, avoid adding any additional chemicals to it. Then, allow your hot tub to sit uncovered for at least 24 hours and check the chlorine levels. Your goal is for the chlorine to be below 1.5 ppm to be safe for your plants.

Temperature – Temperature also plays an important factor in watering your garden. The ideal temperature for plants is about 68 degrees. You can leave your hot tub uncovered overnight to bring the temperature down. 

pH – You’ll also want to make sure that your pH levels are in a more neutral zone, like 7.2 to 7.4. Simply balance your chemicals accordingly. 

Have you heard about our FreshWater® Salt System? You can use less chemicals and perform fewer drains and refills on your hot tub, saving water, time, money. Do you have any questions about using your spa water for recycling? Contact the hot tub professionals at SpaExpo! for knowledgeable advice. 

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