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Rise of the Swim Spa

Spa Expo

Spa Expo

We are the go-to dealer for HotSpring® Spas in Austin, Texas

There is no doubt that swimming is a great exercise for people at any age. Not only does swimming make you look and feel great, it even improves your health overall. Some of these improvements include; cardiovascular health, low impact on joints, builds muscle mass, and swimming burns 500-650 calories, (medicine net). I think most people have gone swimming, especially with the weather being as hot as it is during summer time. Can many people say that they have been in a swim spa before? I think not, however they are growing in popularity. We see this as the swim spas don’ t stay in inventory for very long. Spa Expo has many different swim spas to choose from, including the size of the swim spa to fit your backyard and budget.  Come and visit our showroom today and speak to your local spa representative about the possibilities for your backyard.

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