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Should I Let Family & Friends Use My Sauna?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a sauna. It’s a great decision that will provide you a lifetime of benefits. But, as you’ve been looking for a sauna, you’ve noticed that deciding on a sauna size not only depends on the space you have, but how many people will be using it. This leads you to wonder, “Should I let family & friends use my sauna?” Let’s discuss your options.

Letting Immediate Family Use Your Sauna

When it comes to letting your immediate family use your sauna, it’s a no brainer. Saunas are great for family time. In fact, it’s a tradition in Finland for families to get together in the sauna. You all live in the same household, but run on different schedules. Spending 10-15 minutes together in the sauna each day is healthy for you and gives you some uninterrupted quality time. Saunas are a no-phone zone that your kids will still enjoy, and kids of all ages can enjoy a sauna soak with you. Just make sure to ask your child’s pediatrician for their recommended time limit and temperature for your child before letting them use it the first time. 

Saunas are also a fantastic space to connect with your spouse. Whether its an early morning sauna bath together or a late-night retreat, a couple’s sauna session is a wonderful way to connect and unwind.

Letting Friends Use Your Sauna

Having friends over to use your sauna can be a great, relaxing way to spend time together. However, you should probably limit their access just to time together. You invested in the sauna, after all! Invite them over for a ladies’ night or to relax and chat after a workout. Spending time with your friends in a sauna is a wonderful way to get to know each other in a private, relaxing retreat.

Letting Extended Family Use Your Sauna

Letting extended family use your sauna is really up to you. There is really no additional risk to letting them use your sauna that isn’t the same as your friends, but the closeness of your relationship may come into play. 

Are your family members going to invite themselves over all of the time to use your sauna? Or are you going to have a great time with them, just like with your friends? Do you want to just invite some extended family members, but not others? There is no clear answer to this; you just have to make that decision yourself. 

Customizing Your Sauna for Family & Friends

You are really the only one who can answer the question, “Should I let family & friends use my sauna?” If you want to customize your sauna to fit all the people you love, it couldn’t be easier! Once you’ve made your decision, you can choose exactly the right Finnleo® sauna to fit your space and your people. And when you’re ready for that customization, we’ll be ready to help you here at SpaExpo. We can work together to craft the perfect sauna for your needs. 

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