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SilkBalance Water Care

Spa Expo

Spa Expo

We are the go-to dealer for HotSpring® Spas in Austin, Texas

SilkBalance is a self-adjusting water care formulation, just one application per week! SilkBalance automatically balances the water’s Ph, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness. It leaves water luxuriously soft and gentle on your skin.

The Silkbalance water conditioning system helps remove most excess calcium and minerals from the water within the first few weeks. The unique formula additives help protect equipment components against failure from corrosion and buildup.

Silky Soft Skin
“We are definitely enjoying SilkBalance. Both my daughter and I have sensitive skin. With SilkBalance, we don’t have that stinky-hot-tub-skin after getting out-even without a shower! It makes me want to get in the tub more often.”

Anna Newton
Bellevue, WA

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