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Sound of Savings Event

Spa Expo is having the Sound of Savings Event this weekend! If you have been considering buying a hot tub for your home, now is the time. Sound of Savings Event is offering a wireless music system that’s a $1,299 value that is absolutely Free with the purchase of one of Highlife or Limelife Collection spa. Wouldn’t it be nice to have soothing music surround your hot tub as you take a soak after a long day? Or to crank it up for that hot tub party you deserve. If music is not your number one concern, but financing is there is an offer for that as well. Spa Expo has a special offering of 6 months deferred financing, if you choose not to take the speaker set.

Sound of Savings 5 X 8

This offer is valid March 21-31, 2014 this does not include for hot tub purchases made previously to this event. Also valid for either free music system or 6 months deferred financing, not both. Applies only to Highlife or Limelight Collection spa.

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