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Spice Up Date Night with a Hot Tub this Fall

We get it. Everyone needs a new way to spice up date night every once in a while. While the same old restaurants and TV shows bring some much needed stability in today’s crazy world, sometimes that’s just not enough. Well, we have a great solution for you: head out to your sensational hot tub for date night.

Get Some Alone Time

It can be hard to get alone time, even on date night. If you’re watching a TV show or movie, you may have kids who are supposed to be in bed interrupt you. If you go out, you’re around other people. It’s just really hard to get some one-on-one time with the one you love.

But, a hot tub provides that much needed separation. Even though you’re not leaving, your hot tub is outside, so it’s still a good idea to get a babysitter to watch the kids if they’re young. If they’re older, just make sure they know you need some alone time for just a little while.

With a hot tub, you can also technically get out of the house without being around other people. And, hot tub sessions typically only last around 30 minutes. So, you can truly get some alone time together without interruption. It’s not too much to ask for 30 minutes of peace, right?

Relax and Regroup

Relationships are a lot of work. And you may feel like you don’t have time to relax between all of the hustle and bustle of life and your relationship. But what if the two of you could relax and regroup together during date night?

Hot tubs are known for being great stress relievers. The warm water and massage of the jets helps relax your muscles. The peace of being in the hot tub helps relax your mind. Putting your phones aside so they don’t fall in gives you a chance to focus on each other without interruption. And the whole experience helps prepare you for an even better night’s sleep.

This may not be your first thought when you’re looking to spice up date night. In fact, it may seem like the exact opposite of “spicing up” date night. But trust us, this could be your new favorite date night activity. You don’t need something else crazy in your life. You need calm.

Actually Watch That Show

If you try to watch a TV show on date night, you probably get interrupted often. While it’s great to take hot tub time to catch up with your significant other, sometimes just sitting together in silence is enough. With added features on your hot tub, you could actually watch your show while the kids (or whomever/whatever is interrupting you) are not around. It’s just the two of you and your show, podcast, or whatever it may be.

Get Ready for Date Night

It’s time to get ready to spice up date night this fall. So, head on over to SpaExpo in Austin. We’ll help you pick out the perfect hot tub and features to make hot tub night your best date night yet.

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