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Steam Your Way Through the Holidays With a New Sauna!

The holiday season is no doubt the most exciting and anticipated time of the year. But with all the hoopla, it can be hard to keep healthy and well-rested. That’s where a sauna comes in! You can steam your way through the holiday stress with a new sauna, and tackle everything that comes your way while feeling your best!


Detox the Turkey

Delicious food is one of the BEST things that come with the holiday season. But after indulging in that Halloween candy, stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving turkey, and topping it all off with Santa’s cookies, your body is full of preservatives and toxins. Regular steamy sessions help you sweat out any extra toxins that build up in your body. 

And, it’s not just for food. All that running around from party to party means body odor you likely try to cover with scented deodorant and perfumes. All those chemicals seep from your skin into your body, but a sauna can help you eliminate unhealthy chemical invaders. 


Sauna to the Rescue

Whether you love the holiday season as much as Will Ferrel’s Elf, or you’re a regular Scrooge, the holidays can quickly become stressful for everyone. Between trying to plan safe get-togethers, cooking your famous meals, and of course, arriving at the stores in time for those lightning deals – it can all be too much. You may even be struggling with missing out on some favorite holiday traditions, which definitely causes some stress build-up. Good thing a sauna is the PERFECT way to unwind and relax!


Rest Easy 

We’ve already talked about how stressful the holidays are, but they are also so very exciting! If you find yourself struggling with restless nights because of activity anticipation, or simply because you’re overly tired, steam it up in your new sauna. A relaxing sweat session before bed is a sure-fire way to calm your mind and your body so you can achieve a great night’s sleep. 


Scare Away Sniffles

Did you know that you can boost your immune system with a sauna? Even if you take all your normal precautions against cold and flu, it never hurts to have an added immune booster. Studies show that a 15-minute sauna session actually increases your production of white blood cells, which helps your body fight off infections. 


Setting Healthy Boundaries 

Of course, you love your family and friends, but all that time around people can leave you feeling touched out and overstimulated. When you start feeling overwhelmed, simply retreat to your sauna for some well deserved alone time. Setting healthy boundaries with your most important relationships can help them to flourish by making quality time a priority over the quantity of time. 

Ready to take on the holidays this year with a new sauna? Contact SpaExpo! Take a peek at our online selection of traditional and infrared Finnleo® saunas. Or, come on down to our showroom and talk to one of our spa professionals to find the perfect option for your home, today!

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