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Swimming For Your Health

Spa Expo

Spa Expo

We are the go-to dealer for HotSpring® Spas in Austin, Texas

swimming workoutsSwimming for health and exercise has proven benefits, regardless of your fitness level or swimming techniques.  Here are 100 Swimming Workouts that are sure to improve your swim experience and your health.  There are 10 Beginner Workouts, 20 Intermediate Workouts and 20 Advanced Workouts.  The remaining 50 workouts are 1 Mile events and Open Water Prep.  Other types of exercise workouts in a pool or a swim spa can incorporate rowing and even under water treadmill systems, both found in the Endless Pool Fitness Systems.  These options are great for low joint stress due to the buoyancy factor in water exercise.  Check out these products and others at our Austin SpaExpo store.  Call us to reserve a Test Swim coupon worth $1000 off the purchase of a Fitness System during this month’s Special Event, ends July 31st, 2016.

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