How Deep Is a Hot Tub?

  How deep is a hot tub? That’s an interesting question. It could have a couple of legitimate responses. Which hot tub are you talking about? Sure, it sounds silly. But the question is asking, “How high do airplanes fly?” Some planes can fly higher than others. How high they fly typically depends on what […]

How to Protect Your Hot Tub When Severe Weather Approaches

  If you are a hot tub owner, you need to know how to protect your hot tub when severe weather approaches. Thankfully, Austin and Travis County rarely get hit with the types of severe weather typical to other portions of the state. According to the Statesman, “the last tropical storm that hit the area […]

How to Stay Hydrated in a Hot Tub

  Hydrated in a hot tub? That shouldn’t be a problem. You’re surrounded by water! Au contraire, mon frère. (That’s French for “Wrong again, Kemosabe.) Like the Ancient Mariner, being surrounded by water doesn’t mean there is a drop to drink. You need to drink water to stay hydrated whether you’re in a hot tub […]

What is the Ideal Length of Time to Spend in a Hot Tub

Covana and HotSpring

Is a new hot tub sitting outside your door whispering your name or is it still waiting for its new home at The Spa Expo of Austin? With so many benefits of a good soak, it is good to understand how long you should spend relaxing in the warm, bubbly water. It is also important […]

Is a Saltwater Hot Tub for You?

You’ve decided you want a hot tub! You’ve been hearing about the trend of saltwater hot tubs and want to know — what’s the difference between saltwater spas and traditional systems? Saltwater tubs have tremendous benefits; however, there are a few points that may not be as attractive to some buyers. Why Many People Choose […]

Cranes are not always needed to install an Endless Pools SwimSpa

swim spa crane

An Endless Pools Fitness System arrives pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage, or as most of our customers do, dedicate and build a new outdoor space.  A concrete pad that’s a minimum 6″ thick is recommended and can be provided by local contractors should you […]