6 Costs to Figure When Buying a Hot Tub

So, buying a hot tub is the top item on your bucket list. Good thinking! You’ll have longer to enjoy it. In fact, you may enjoy it so much that you may eventually erase all the other items on the list! As you prepare for buying a hot tub, let’s take a look at what […]

How Much Does a Hot Tub Affect Utility Bills?

  The average expected cost of your hot tub ‘zen zone’ won’t derail your inner peace, as long as you know what to expect. Have no fear; the SpaExpo of Austin crew has come up with a brief list that may help you understand what your expenses may typically look like. Electricity Electricity use generally […]

Do I Have to Have a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

Are you concerned by city regulations about a new hot tub and requirements of a fence? According to the Austin City Ordinance 20060928-110, the rules only apply to public facility use. Private residences do not fall under this code, so having a fence is more of a personal choice. The SpaExpo of Austin has some […]

Buying a New vs. Used Hot Tub

  Thinking about saving a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars by buying a used hot tub? Let’s look into factors that may make it not seem as good of a deal as what you hope. The simple fact about buying new is not only having abundant additional options in your purchase, but […]

Top 5 No-Nos for Using a Hot Tub

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Don’t be a rebel about hot tub use. Even though our nature is to ignore rules when doing what we want, there are certain things that just don’t pay to play around with. Hot Tub use is to calm and relax after a hard workout or long day, but there are good reasons behind knowing […]

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Hot Tub Water Conservation

Just a small business in Texas trying to be a good employer, a good resource for customers, provide exceptional products & service and stay in business. Its a challenge! Hard to even think about things like recycling other than the standard ‘plastic goes in this bin, everything else goes in that one’. Watkins Manufacturing, makers […]