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The 5 Best Arguments for Getting A Hot Tub


There is a little voice inside your head that just needs to have a hot tub at home. In the effort to make that little voice heard, the folks at the SpaExpo of Austin are going to give you some top reasons why a new hot tub should be a reality and not just a wistful dream.

Decompress Zone

There are no valid arguments against having a space that is just yours to unwind. Whether it is a morning soak to energize your day, or peeling off work mode to a restful moment of warm bliss in a hot tub, having a personal getaway place to take deep breaths and decompress is an attractive desire. You not only get the benefit of body relaxation, but you also have time and space to allow your mind to slow down and rest.

Family Hot Spot

The family that soaks together, stays together. Well, that really isn’t a saying but makes sense if you think about it. What better way to connect with family members in a “no device zone?” In a day where electronic devices seem to be surgically attached to everyone’s hand, this provides a great reason for a time out that will help solidify family connections. Just don’t let the kids get waterproof phone cases. 🙂

Recovery Time

Recovery from a workout in a hot tub is for more than just athletes. The importance of an active lifestyle can vary between yoga to CrossFit. Most forms of exercise put some form of stress on the muscles and joints. Unless you are in extreme sports that have need of an ice bath afterward, we believe a hot tub soak is a much better option. A 100% NO vote on that ice bath wouldn’t seem unheard of anyway.

No Sharing with Strangers

A major factor in hopping into a hot tub at the gym, is you don’t know who else has been there before you. You really don’t need to be a germaphobe when it comes to sweat and bacteria of others to feel wary of a soak. Even though chemicals do the job they are designed to do, some people just prefer to not share space with strangers. We couldn’t agree more.

Girls and Giggles or Bros and Brews

While we don’t recommend drinking alcohol IN the hot tub, what could be better than a soak session, then sitting in the backyard with friends while having an adult beverage to chill and relax? Social gatherings can be more than getting out into the bustle of noisy bars and crowded restaurants that make good conversations difficult. Hot tubs can be a catalyst in building relationships on a more personal level, away from the crowds.

So now that you are armed with some great reasons for your new hot tub, come visit the staff at the SpaExpo of Austin to browse the vast selections and to set up a test soak for the perfect fit. We carry Hot Spring®, Hot Spot®, and Freeflow® hot tubs and portable spas, so we’ve got you covered in choices. We offer financing and support to help you get the most out of your ownership of a new hot tub.

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