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The Best Upgrades for Your Hot Tub

Once you experience the luxurious benefits of a hot tub for yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll agree that it’s one of the best investments you’ve ever made. But what if you could enhance that sensational spa session even more? We’re here to tell you about some of the best upgrades for your hot tub to ensure you get the most out of your hot tub ownership!

Booming Bluetooth® Speakers

“Music is life itself,” said iconic musician Louis Armstrong. It’s true. Music has the ability to create powerful emotions and that includes feelings of relaxation. If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade for your hot tub, Bluetooth speakers are the way to go. Keep your device safely away from the water and still enjoy some mood-enhancing tunes thanks to your friendly home WiFi connection. Whether you’re hosting a party, need a special touch for a romantic date, or simply want to revel in some “alone time,” we’re betting this is one hot tub accessory you’ll use everyday. 

Prime Time with Your Hot Tub TV

Can’t decide between watching the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, or spending some time soaking away the stress of the day? Well, with a TV upgrade for your hot tub, now you can do both! Not only will you never have to miss one of your prime time shows, you can also host movie nights with friends and family to see the latest Blockbuster hit. Or, create a new family Saturday morning tradition with a pancake breakfast followed by cartoons and some quality time together with the kids in your hot tub.

Super Smart Device Control

In our busy world today, every little convenience matters. Being able to control your hot tub remotely via your smart device means that you can have your hot tub fired up and ready to go the moment you leave the office, or even before you finish your cup of coffee in the mornings. It also allows you to keep a check on your hot tub while you’re out of town. Whether you forgot to turn it off before you left, or unexpected weather means you need to adjust your settings, this is definitely one of the smartest upgrades for your hot tub. 

FreshWater® Salt System for Easy Sanitation 

One thing about hot tub ownership that will always remain true is the need for regular maintenance. Luckily, there are some upgrades for your hot tub that make keeping your spa clean easier than ever. The FreshWater® Salt System for your Hot Spring® Highlife® or Limelight® spa creates an efficient water sanitization process that leaves your water sparkling. Added bonus? Salt water is gentler on skin, eyes, and even your hot tub’s components than regular chlorine.

Do any of these bonus features sound good to you? Contact the hot tub professionals at SpaExpo! to learn more. Don’t forget to ask about how our financing options can help you bring home a new sauna or Endless Pools® swim spa to complete your at-home spa experience. Enjoy the luxurious benefits of a hot tub from SpaExpo! (with a few fun features) today.

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