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Top 5 No-Nos for Using a Hot Tub

Don’t be a rebel about hot tub use. Even though our nature is to ignore rules when doing what we want, there are certain things that just don’t pay to play around with. Hot Tub use is to calm and relax after a hard workout or long day, but there are good reasons behind knowing safety and responsibility. Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why the staff at The SpaExpo of Austin believes ‘bucking the system’ just isn’t worth the risk.

1. Shattered Glass is a Pain

Glassware is the most often ignored outdoor no-no when it comes to pools and hot tubs. There is nothing fun or easy about dropping a bottle or plate near or into the water that requires a complete drain and cleaning. Not only does it take hours out of the day (because we all know glass shards are pesky little things to get up); but it increases the cost in water and chemical loss. It could also potentially damage internal parts or the structure, not to mention a nasty cut. Waiting for a wound to heal before climbing back in is also a major downer. That isn’t the kind of memory anyone wants to have.

2. Just say Nope

Alcohol is typically an accident waiting to happen. Since that drinky-drink is a depressant and water is a stimulant, senses can be hindered and cause additional health problems. Over-imbibing increases the risk of drowning. Save that glass of wine for after your soak. Remember that ‘no glass’ rule?

3. Hot and Sweaty isn’t Sexy

While it would be alluring to drop in a whirling pool of hot water after a body exerting activity, sweat will actually change the chemical composition. You just added time and replacement chemical cost to the equation. There is also the fact that the body can have adverse reactions to extended body temperatures. Cool down with a quick wash and save the bacteria on your body for the shower drain. 

4. It’s Electrifying

In this day and culture, people are glued to some sort of device. Make it a point to declare your hot tub the “no device” zone. Losing your new iPhone in submerged water is not going to help with the idea of relaxing. There are other options if you really need entertainment. Use a Bluetooth device for music or check into the built-in hot tub options, if you have not yet made your purchase. There are also TVs designed to be used near water. Electrocution is no laughing matter.

5. Oily Slick and Bubbly Mess

Body oils and soaps can make a residue mess on the interior and mechanical parts of a hot tub. Nothing says EWW more than an icky mess around the rim of a hot tub interior. Not only is that hard to clean off, but these additives can also ruin the interior mechanisms that could make your hot tub break down and add repair costs. Rinse off your body and swim attire before hopping in. Swimsuits laundered with a cleaning agent will still have a soap residue. A simple rinse will be sufficient. 

Overall, hot tub use is a calming, decompressing time for self-care or even a social gathering time with friends. Being safe and aware does not have to be a kill-joy. It can save time, money, injury and sanity to keep some easy rules in mind. Knowledge is power. For more information or advice on keeping your hot tub time a pleasure, give The SpaExpo staff a call or come by our showroom. Our professionals will guide you to get the most from your hot tub or assist in any questions you may have to choose that perfect hot tub for you.

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