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Traditional Versus Infrared Saunas

Traditional Versus Infrared Saunas

So, you want a sauna, but can’t decide if you want a traditional or infrared sauna. What’s the difference? How do they compare?

Infrared Saunas

Are infrared gsg_saunas safe to use? You may have heard reports of unsafe EMR levels that do more harm than good. And in truth, there are infrared gsg_saunas that are unsafe. Low-quality, poorly-made infrared gsg_saunas bought online for “cheaper” prices are often unsafe to use. Finnleo’s great quality Pure Infra Saunas, however, are very safe. The EMR and EF radiation levels in Pure Infrared gsg_saunas are so low, you get more from your computer screen than from one of these gsg_saunas.

Traditional Saunas

Want a more intense heat and a higher temperature range? Consider a traditional sauna. Unlike infrared sauna, traditional gsg_saunas use the old-school method inspired by hot rocks – but with Finnleo, it’s modern and innovative. Either add water manually or with the Bio Water Technique for a longer session with gentler heat (120-140F), or opt for no water to experience a hot and dry, quick and intense sauna session (175-190F).

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