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Just a small business in Texas trying to be a good employer, a good resource for customers, provide exceptional products & service and stay in business. Its a challenge! Hard to even think about things like recycling other than the standard ‘plastic goes in this bin, everything else goes in that one’.

Watkins Manufacturing, makers of HotSpring Spas and Endless Pools, has always had a Green Initiative and been a forward thinking contributor to a cleaner planet. They have their own power source to fuel manufacturing and recycle/re-purpose almost anything you can think of. All packaging is cardboard with little or no plastics. They make spas and hot tubs that last 25-30 years or more so landfills around the world aren’t filled with discarded hot tub shells. Most importantly, they treat water in their hot tubs like gold. Customers ask frequently ‘how often do you drain the tub and refill with fresh water?’ The answer from us is every 1-2 years. That’s right, YEARS! Extremely important everywhere for everyone, especially in areas where water is being rationed more and more every year. Top manufacturers have operating systems for their hot tubs that will treat water almost naturally extending the life of the water. It usually costs a little more, but we can do more!

We have always taken trade-ins of hot tubs and re-sold or re-purposed them to keep out of landfills. Most parts like pumps and motors we use to refurbish a trade-in are recycled and when a tub is too old or not sellable we donate the shells for livestock water troughs or Koi ponds. Only in Texas, right! We compact all cardboard packaging for the local recycler, and we choose suppliers that do the same. But, we can do more!

Recently we started purchasing and using only paper cups, plates, wooden stir sticks and other items we use and take for granted on a daily basis. That’s an easy one. Think about what you can do and let’s do more together!

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