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What is the Ideal Length of Time to Spend in a Hot Tub

Is a new hot tub sitting outside your door whispering your name or is it still waiting for its new home at The Spa Expo of Austin? With so many benefits of a good soak, it is good to understand how long you should spend relaxing in the warm, bubbly water. It is also important to understand why extended tub time is not more beneficial.

You wonder if 15 to 30 minutes of time in the hot tub is good, shouldn’t an hour be better? Not always. There are several factors in how long you should sit or recline in a hot tub.

Position in the Water

If you are in a sitting or reclining position that covers most of your torso, your body temperature will rise quicker. Limit time with your full body submerged to 15-20 minutes. Moving to a seated position that has your upper body above the water level should give you the ability to remain a little while longer. Most recommendations suggest no more than an hour, but optimally 30 minutes with breaks in between.

Water Temperature

Temperature is an important factor in determining soak times. The ideal water temperature should be between 100 and 102 degrees, and not recommended to exceed 104 degrees.


For children under 12 and aging adults, it is wise to limit time to 5 minutes; if the water temperature is 104 degrees. Water temperatures between 98 and 104 degrees are safe for up to 15 minutes. For pregnant women, the temperature of the water should not exceed 102 degrees and to limit their time to 10 minutes. For the average, healthy adults, you should be safe to enjoy your soak longer without any adverse effects.

Overall Health

People with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, circulatory issues, diabetes, or heart disease should discuss with their health providers as to the recommendations for safe hot tubs sessions.

A hot tub experience is a time of blissful peace, relaxation of the body, and even a social event spent with friends and family. However, be aware of some dangers for being in the raised temperatures for too long.

Body temperatures that are elevated will trigger perspiration; but in some cases, higher temperatures may hinder sweating. If you feel skin tingling, dizziness, extreme fatigue, or abnormal heart rates could mean that your body is reaching an internal higher than you may realize. Other side effects may include dehydration, nausea or vomiting, sensitive skin may burn easily, and blood pressure changes. Step out for several minutes and get a glass of water (or two) to cool down. Reassess how you are feeling and if you should return. If symptoms persist, call 911.

If you stay aware of the potential signs that may be less than ideal based on the body position, age, overall health, and the water temperature, you will know your individual limits. Taking 15-20-minute breaks outside the hot tub will allow more time to enjoy your wise investment. If you have more concerns or questions, please give us a call. Better yet, come visit our Austin showroom or check out our website to choose which hot tub will have a new home with you and your family.

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