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What Time of Day Should You Use Your Sauna?

The question on when the best time for a sauna session could be a topic of debate among users. The pros and cons of the after-effects boil down to the individual. The staff at the SpaExpo of Austin would like to help give some insight and explain the benefits to determine what time is right for you.

Relax, don’t do it…in the morning

While many will say that sauna time will leave you blissfully relaxed and prone to want a nap afterward, some will argue that it is energizing to have a good morning sweat. One take on the morning session could be that it not only relaxes, but it can also take the overnight stiffness and aches away. Combine that with a tepid shower and that will set your day for success. Toxins get flushed out and stress relief can only be a bonus to tackle your day. It’s important to get water intake added to your morning after a session as well. However, coffee is not considered hydration. Just saying…

When the lights go out in the city

Evening time seems to be a popular opinion with most sauna users. Owners often anticipate a nice relaxing time after a long day of work and daily life responsibilities. It is a good way to unwind, shed off the day of mind-spinning distractions and spend some quality time in a state of just being. Many may agree that self-care and time for reflection are sparse, so this designated time to let go and sweat is a much-desired treat. Hydration after a session is a factor; so the con to a late evening sweat appointment may not be as appealing with a nightly wakeup call from mother nature.

While there is no wrong or right time to use your sauna, all can agree any time of day is the right time to bring balance into your life with the health and wellness benefits of a sauna session. Having your own sauna makes it convenient and readily available. At least until the other family members may want their share of time as well. When you are ready to invest in your own home sauna, give us a call or visit our showroom for additional information in choosing that perfect sauna for you and your family.

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