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Why Can’t I Use Regular Salt in My Saltwater Spa?

Why Can’t I Use Regular Salt in My Saltwater Spa? 

Ever heard the saying, not all salt is created equal? You haven’t? Well, it definitely needs to become a more common phrase because when it comes to your hot tub, not just any ole’ salt will do.

Table, Ice, and Rock

To put it simply, these common types of salts can be detrimental to your saltwater hot tub. They contain impurities and additives that damage important parts of your hot tub system like the electrode plates in your chlorinator. 

How do Saltwater Spas Work?

Most spa shoppers are pleasantly surprised when they gsg_learn that saltwater hot tubs use chlorine to clean the water, but, by adding salt you create your own chlorine rather than harsher chemicals. The salt and water are all you need, but first, you have to separate the molecules. How you ask? The water passes over two plates either slightly electrified or titanium; one being positively charged while the other is negative. This mild electric current causes the molecules to breakdown and come back together, effectively sanitizing the water. 

What Should I Use?

Look for salts specifically designed for a saltwater hot tub, they should be food-grade, but NOT table salt and they should be totally additive-free. Just like you wouldn’t use coconut oil instead of engine oil in your car, you shouldn’t use any salt products that aren’t specially made for a saltwater hot tub.

Why Should I Invest in a Saltwater Hot Tub?

Saltwater’s claim to fame comes from how soft it makes the water feel on your skin. It also cleans your spa and removes the need for harsher chemicals and sanitizers. This is awesome news for young children and users with sensitive skin or allergies.


Ready to live the “salty” spa life? Contact us at SpaExpo! today, or stop by our Austin showroom and schedule a test soak at your convenience!  

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